Highlights from Past Conferences

Spring 2018

Spring 2018 ColoMATYC presentation abstracts

  • Keynote Address: Revolutionary Mathematics: Liberating Ideas from History for Today's Teachers and Students. Janet Barnett, Ph.D. Colorado State University, Pueblo. Revolutionary Mathematics Abstract
  • Overleaf: LaTeX in the Cloud for Openware, Group Projects, and Homework. Kenneth Monks, FRCC. "Baby Bear" template, "Mama Bear" template, and "Papa Bear" template
  • Creating a Robust Co-Requisite Lab for College Algebra. Teresa Adams & Alicia Turner, CCD. PowerPoint
  • Soft Skills for Student Success in a Corequisite Courses. Johanna Debrecht, NVCC. PowerPoint
  • WebWork and OER. Brenda Forland, RRCC, James Morski, CCD, & Justin Sherrill, AT Professional, CCCOnline. PowerPoint

Spring 2017

Keynote address by Dr. RaKissa Manzanares, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at University of Colorado, Denver. Dr Manzanares spoke on Best Practices for Creating an Active and Engaging Online Learning Environment.

Keynote Abstract: How do we create an online learning environment that is more or as active and dynmaic as our traditional brick and mortar classrooms? How can we supplemlent our current traditional classroom environments to encourage more engagement with the material outside of the classroom? How do we engage students in a dialogue about mathematics with their instructor and classmates utilizing an online learning platform? This keynote address examined these questions as well as provided a variety of best practices to support mathematics instructors in developing learning environments (online, hybrid, and traiditional) that keep students engaged and active with the content.

Active and Engaging Online Learning PowerPoint

Abstracts from all presenters in Spring 2017

Spring 2016

David Webb, Associate Professor and Program Co-Chair of Mathematics at CU Boulder, spoke in March 2016 introducing the idea of Tactivities in Math. These tools help students to deepen their understanding of the concepts of calculus through tactile projects. Many of us were very interested in this work that is funded by an NSF grant and is still in work through the University of Colorado and Oklahoma (University).


Calculus Tactivities

Spring 2015

Luke Walsh from Catawba Valley Community College spoke in March 2015. His keynote talk was "Back to the Future: How The Math Of The Past Looked Better Than Today"

"Back to the Future" PowerPoint

"Nix The Trig Tricks" PowerPoint


Spring 2014

Pat McKeague, owner of XYZ Textbooks and MathTV.com, spoke in March 2014.